Yahoo Steps Out Of China

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05 November 2021 Current Affairs:Because of the increasingly difficult commercial and regulatory environment in China, Yahoo Inc. announced its exit on November 2, 2021.

♦ Yahoo’s services in China will be discontinued on November 1, 2021.
♦ This decision was made in accordance with Yahoo’s commitment to user rights and free and open internet.
♦ This judgment falls on the same day that China’s Personal Information Protection Law goes into effect.
♦ Companies operating in China are compelled by Chinese law to provide over data if authorities make such a request.
♦ Lawmakers chastised Yahoo in 2007 after it gave over data on two Chinese dissidents to Beijing. 
♦ Chinese dissidents were imprisoned as a result. Yahoo’s operations in China have previously been halted. In the year 2015, it shuttered its Beijing office.
♦ Because Yahoo’s services and web gateway had previously been restricted in China, the move is mostly symbolic.
♦ During the 2010s, China also shut down Yahoo’s music and email services on the mainland.

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