Worlds 1st Dual-Mode Vehicle Introduced In Japan

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30 December 2021 Current Affairs:In the town of Kaiyo, Japan has introduced the world’s first dual-mode vehicle (DMV), which looks like a minibus. 


  • On the road, the vehicle can run on regular rubber tires, but when it hits the rail tracks, the steel wheels in the vehicle’s underbelly descend. 
  • The DMV can transport up to 21 passengers and travels at a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour on rail tracks and around 100 kilometers per hour on public roads.
  • To propel the DMV onto the railway, the front tires are lifted off the track and the rear wheels remain down. 
  • This is the first feature of its kind: the ability to quickly transform into a train-like module on a rail track. 
  • The small fleet of diesel-powered vehicles comes in a variety of colors. 
  • It runs along part of Shikoku Island’s coast in southern Japan, connecting several small towns and providing passengers with beautiful seaside scenery.

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