World Turtle Day is on 23rd May

24 May 2021 Current Affairs:World Turtle Day was celebrated on May 23, 2021. It is discovered to raise awareness among humans about turtle & tortoise and their habitats. Celebration of the day is subsidized by way of a non-profit enterprise “American Tortoise Rescue (ATR)” since 2000.

♦ World Turtle Day is celebrated each and every year on May 23 with the goal of bringing interest to turtles and tortoise barring growing understanding and recognize for them. This day also encourages human action to help the turtles and tortoise live to tell the tale and thrive. The day is considered amongst most tremendous of species consciousness days which will increase search for statistics on turtles online.
♦ American Tortoise Rescue which used to be founded in 1990 is the founding sponsor of World Turtle Day. However, “WORLD TURTLE DAY” time period was trademarked by means of Susan Tellem.
♦ They are reptiles, characterised with the aid of a bony or cartilaginous shell or a carapace that developed from their ribs. Shell acts as a shield. Earliest recognized members of turtle dates back to Middle Jurassic. Thus, they are the oldest reptile organizations even older than snakes or crocodiles. They are land-dwellers as properly as amphibians. Largest sea turtle is “Leatherback turtle”.
♦ Tortoises: They are reptile species from family Testudinidae. They are extraordinary from turtles as they are solely land-dwelling. They also have a shell for safety from predation and different threats.

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