World Tsunami Awareness Day Is Commemorated On 5 November

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05 November 2021 Current Affairs:On November 5, the world commemorated World Tsunami Awareness Day. 

♦ The day is observed to raise awareness about the hazards of tsunamis among people all around the world. 
♦ World Tsunami Awareness Day in 2021 promotes the “Sendai Seven Campaign,” 
♦ It aims to “significantly expand international cooperation to developing nations through suitable and sustainable support to complement their national measures for the implementation of the current Framework by 2030.”
♦ After the proclamation of the UN General Assembly on December 22, 2015, World Tsunami Day was first formally marked on November 5, 2016. 
♦ The United Nations General Assembly urged all countries in international organizations to increase awareness of the crisis and share product ideas.

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