World Thalassemia Day is on 8th May

08 May 2021 Current Affairs:World Thalassemia Day is May 8. With the increase in the number of thalassemias in India, prevention and control programs are no longer available. my country currently has no global national plan for incurable diseases.

♦ Thalassemia is an inherited blood disease, usually characterized by abnormal production of hemoglobin in the body.
♦ The abnormality leads to improper oxygen transport and destruction of red blood cells. It has a wide range of effects on the human body, such as iron overload, bone deformities, and in severe cases can cause heart disease.
♦ There is no cure for the disease, and patients with thalassemia need regular blood transfusions to extend their life.
♦ India is the thalassemia capital of the world, with 40 million carriers and more than 1,00,000 patients. There is no prevention and control plan at the national level.
♦ In India, preventive health check-ups are not very common, and people with thalassemia unknowingly pass this genetic disease to their children.
♦ More than 10,000 patients across the country died before the age of 20 due to lack of access to treatment.
♦ The Center for Health Ecology and Technology (CHET) formulated the first draft of India’s rare disease policy and submitted it to the Karnataka government in March 2016.
♦ Neighboring Pakistan passed a bill in February requiring that relatives of thalassemia patients must be tested for carriers. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia also have similar systems.

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