World Farmed Animals Day Was Commemorate On 2 October

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04 October 2021 Current Affairs:World Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA) is celebrated on 2 October, marking Gandhi’s birth anniversary. 

♦ The day is organized by the International animals’ welfare organization, World Animal Protection, alongside Asia for Animals alliance.
♦ The World Animal Welfare da is celebrated to indicate the importance and urgency of livestock welfare.
♦ The day is devoted to revealing the needless suffering and death of farmed animals who are raised and slaughtered for food.
♦ World Day for Farmed Animals has been organized annually since 1983.
♦ It is organized by the livestock Rights Movement (FARM), with Animal Justice, the Animal law firm, the Animal Activism Mentorship Program, Jewish Veg, and Switch4Good.

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