World Day of Social Justice is on 20th February

20 February 2021 Current Affairs:February 20th is World Social Justice Day to promote gender equality, the rights of indigenous peoples and immigrants. Social Justice day also focuses on achieving the goal of full employment and social integration.

♦ Social Day’s purpose is to make people realize the importance of social justice, spread equality, and eliminate discrimination and injustice.
♦ On November 26, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared February 20 as the annual World Social Justice Day. In 2009, this day was first observed.
♦ The theme of the 2019 World Social Justice Day is If you want peace and development, work for social justice.
♦ The theme of the 2020 World Social Justice Day is Closing the inequalities gap in achieving social justice.
♦ The theme of World Social Justice Day in 2021 is A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy.

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