Women Entrepreneurship Platform – NITI Aayog and Cisco

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28 August 2021 Current Affairs:The NITI Aayog and a US-based tech giant, Cisco launched the next segment of the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) on August 26, 2021.

♦ This phase of the WEP has been titled as ‘WEPNxt’.
♦ It will leverage science from Cisco and journey working with India’s start-up ecosystem in order to enable more women-owned companies in India.
♦ Cisco, in collaboration with Sattva Consulting, Nasscom Foundation, and DeAsra Foundation, will allow technology-led experiences and engagements in a bid to address the challenges that girls entrepreneurs face at person as well as enterprise levels.
♦ According to the Sixth Economic Census, women solely incorporate 13.76 per cent of the total entrepreneurs, amounting to 8.05 million out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India.

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