WHO Tightens Global Air Pollution Standards

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24 September 2021 Current Affairs:On 24 September, the World Health Organisation revised its air quality guidelines for the first time since 2005 in keeping with WHO. 

♦ Tightening the guidelines, WHO aim to spur countries toward clean energy and stop deaths and illnesses caused by pollution. 
♦ The new recommendations mainly target pollutants, including particulate and dioxide, found in fuel emissions.
♦ Air pollution kills a minimum of seven million people prematurely each year. 
♦ Even at deficient levels, research has shown air pollution affects all parts of the body, from the brain to a growing baby during a mother’s womb.
♦ The body hopes the revisions encourage their 194 member countries toward actions that slash fuel emissions, driving global climate change. 
♦ Globally, countries struggle to pledge bold emissions-cutting plans before the U.N. climate conference in November in Glasgow, Scotland.

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