Wangala Festival Begins In Meghalaya

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15 November 2021 Current Affairs:The 44th edition of ‘Wangala,’ the festival of 100 Drums, began in the state of Meghalaya.

♦  It is a Garos tribal post-harvest festival that takes place every year to honour ‘Saljong,’ the Garos Sun God, and to celebrate the conclusion of the harvest season.
♦ It is the most important celebration of the Garo tribe, and it attracts a large number of tourists. It has been celebrated since 1976.
♦ Tribes give sacrifices to their deity Saljong, the Sun God, during the Wangala.
♦ The first day of the celebration is marked by a ceremony known as Ragula, which is held in the village chief’s home.
♦ On the second day of the celebration, Kakkat, people dress up in colourful costumes with feathered headdresses and dance to the sounds of long oval-shaped drums.

5 Popular Festivals of Meghalaya:
♦ Nongkrem Dance Festival
♦ Wangala Festival
♦ Ahaia
♦ Behdeinkhlam Festival
♦ Shad Sukra


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