Visit to Heritage Site Hampi

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26 August 2021 Current Affairs:The Vice-president of India visited monuments at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi in Vijayanagara district, Karnataka.

Key Points:
♦ The site of Hampi commonly includes the remnants of the capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire (14th-16th century CE), the remaining amazing Hindu Kingdom.
♦ It encompasses a region of 4187, 24 hectares, positioned in the Tungabhadra basin in Bellary District, Central Karnataka.
♦ Hampi’s marvelous setting is dominated through river Tungabhadra, craggy hill levels and open plains with great bodily remains.
♦ One of the special points of temples at Hampi is the large chariot streets flanked by using the row of pillared mandapas.
♦ Its Famous locations consist of Krishna temple complex, Narasimha, Ganesa, Hemakuta team of temples, Achyutaraya temple complex, Vitthala temple complex, Pattabhirama temple complex, Lotus Mahal complex, etc

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