Utopia Planitia of Mars

17 May 2021 Current Affairs:The Tianwen 1 Chinese Mars Mission arrived on the Utopia Planitia recently. It’s the spot where the Viking 2 lander landed.

About Utopia Planitia:
♦ It is the impact basin of Mars. Impact craters are circular depressions formed on the surface of a planet due to the hypervelocity impact of smaller objects. This may be due to meteors.
♦ The basin has a diameter of 3,300 kilometers.
♦ The rocks in Utopia Planitia appear perched, as if they had been blown away from their bases by the wind.
♦ Scalloped Topography can be found in several parts of the region. Scalloped topography is widespread between 45 and 60 degrees north and south latitude. They’re made up of shallow depressions with no rim.

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