The G-7 Nations Promise To Step Up Efforts To Combat Global Warming

25 May 2021 Current Affairs:During a two-day virtual meeting hosted by the United Kingdom, which currently holds the presidency of the G7, environment ministers from seven industrialised nations, or the G7 grouping, agreed to accelerate efforts to combat global warming.

♦ By the end of 2021, they also agreed to discontinue government support for new coal-fired power plants.
♦ Compared with the previously set target of 2 degrees, support has been expanded to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels.
♦ They also promised to take the necessary steps to reduce deforestation, overfishing, promote biodiversity, and address the issue of ocean plastic.
♦ They also pledged to prevent future outbreaks of COVID-19-like diseases from spreading from animals to humans.

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