Territorial Army Day Is Celebrated On 09 October By Indian Army

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09 October 2021 Current Affairs:The Territorial Army celebrated its 72nd Territorial Day on 9 October. 

♦ On the sad occasion, Director General Territorial Army Lt Gen Preet Mohindera Singh paid tribute to the fallen brave heroes by laying a wreath at the National War Memorial. 
♦ Several commemorative events were held across the country to mark the occasion.

♦ The Territorial Army, in its contemporary form, came into being when the Territorial Army Act was enacted on Aug 18, 1948. 
♦ The first Governor-General C Rajagopalachari formally raised it on Oct 09 1949, which has since been celebrated as Territorial Army Day.

Territorial Army
♦ The Territorial Army has several units affiliated to varied regiments of the Indian Army, aside from Home and Hearth battalions that supported the notion of Sons of Soil.
♦  Engineer TA Battalions are deployed for maintenance of the road of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. 
♦ The Territorial Army also has 10 Ecological TA Battalions liable for restoring the country’s ecological environment, completing plantations in rugged and inhospitable terrain, reviving wetlands, restoring water bodies, and undertaking conservation measures building check dams. 


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