Tallest Sandcastle in the World

13 July 2021 Current Affairs:A sandcastle made in Denmark has entered into new Guinness World Record for being the tallest sandcastle in the world.

The triangular-shaped sandcastle has been constructed in the town of Blokhus in Denmark. It stands at the height of 21.16 metres (69.4 feet). This new structure is 3.5m taller than the preceding report held with the aid of a sandcastle measuring 17.66 m in Germany in 2019. Dutch creator, Wilfred Stijger, was once assisted through 30 of the world’s first-class sand sculptors. The shape is built in the form of a triangle to avoid collapsing like many others have. A wood structure used to be built around it to enable the artist to carve the top-notch figures in the sand. This instead decorated monument in the small seaside village of Blokhus, which is reminiscent of a pyramid, is made up of 4,860 tonnes of sand. To make sure the sand sticks on, it was combined with a round 10% clay.

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