Syracuse 4A Launched By France

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28 October 2021 Current Affairs:Military Communication satellite ‘Syracuse 4A’ was launched by France from Kourou, in French Guiana.

‘Syracuse 4A’ was launched into orbit with the help of the Ariane 5 rocket.
It is intended to allow France’s armed forces across the globe to communicate quickly and securely.
The satellite can survey its private surroundings and drive itself to escape an attack.
Syracuse IV provides a throughput three times higher (1.5 Gbit/sec) than Syracuse III by working in two bands: X and Ka. 
Three satellites are put in orbit: the second in 2022 and the third on an unknown date.
The total cost of the Syracuse IV programme is EUR3.6 billion (nearly USD4.2 billion). 
Syracuse IV is the leading French military satellite with the ability to identify other satellites trying to gather information from it or kill it.

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