Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa Initiative

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28 October 2021 Current Affairs:Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa initiative was started by the “YouWeCan Foundation” in Goa.

♦ The initiative was started by the YouWeCan foundation, run by international cricket icon and philanthropic Yuvraj Singh.
♦ The foundation has partnered with the SBI and Goa’s state governments and aims to do free breast cancer screening using “iBreast devices”.
♦ Around 1 lakh women will be screened over two years, and the initiative would guarantee that 50 per cent of the eligible female population in Goa is screened.

Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa
♦ The Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa initiative is funded by the “Indian Institute of Banking & Finance” and the SBI Foundation.
♦ Under the initiative, free treatment will be provided for all the positive cases. For treating them, the government of Goa will also extend its support.
♦ Breast cancer screening will be conducted across 35 Health Centres in Goa. 
♦ For this, 20 iBreast devices will be deployed where 10 will be deployed in North Goa and 10 in South Goa.
♦ iBreast Exam will be used to screen under the initiative.
♦ It is a non-invasive, fully wireless, hand-held, mHealth point-of-care solution to detect breast lesions. 
♦ iBE has shown high sensitivity and specificity for detecting non-palpable lesions at the initial stage.

YouWeCan foundation
♦ YouWeCan foundation is an Indian non-profit organization established in 2012 by Yuvraj Singh, dedicated to fighting cancer. 
♦ It focuses on four key areas: awareness of cancer, screening, treatment support, and empowerment of survivors.

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