Study About Arsenic Contamination

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18 September 2021 Current Affairs:A latest study in Bihar has found Arsenic Contamination no longer only in groundwater but also in the food chain. The study was a part of the Project Nature and Nurture in Arsenic Induced Toxicity of Bihar mutually funded by the British Council in the United Kingdom and Department of Science and Technology in India.

♦ Arsenic has observed its way into the food chain – commonly rice, wheat and potato.
♦ Arsenic is current in the groundwater as it is used on a massive scale for irrigation by farmers. This is the way into the food chain as well.
♦ The food had greater arsenic content than ingesting water, even when arsenic levels in ingesting water was above the WHO (World Health Organization) provisional information cost of 10 micrograms per litre (μg/L).

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