Student Start-ups And Innovation Policy 2.0 In Gujarat

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07 January 2022 Current Affairs:Gujarat’s Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Education Minister Jitu Vaghani announced the launch of the “Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP) 2.0” on 5 January.


  • At the International Conference of Academic Institutions, SSIP 2.0 was introduced to help school students pursue innovation (ICAI-2022) financially. 
  • ICAI 2022 is a pre-vibrant summit on 5 January 2022 in Science City.
  • Any person under the age of 35 who is a school student, a vocational, certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate student, an alumna, alumnus, or any dropout from an institute, university, or school can benefit from the SSIP 2.0 guidelines.
  • The state government intends to construct operational innovation and incubating centers at all of its institutions as part of it.
  • SSIP 2.0 is being developed to achieve Aatmanirbhar Gujarat through sustainable development and equitable growth.
  • Because school kids do so many inventions, SSIP 2.0 is significant. They do not, however, have a platform to display their talents. 
  • The new program would provide financial support for such ideas and assist in getting them from “mind to market.”
  • According to the guidelines of SSIP 2.0, a max of Rs 20,000 per proof of concept/prototype/innovation for grades 9-12 would be awarded at the school level, with the goal of “grabbing them young.”
  • Support will also be provided for collective/community-level support systems, actions for others, and large-scale sensitization, programs, and events aimed at developing a scientific attitude.

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