Static GK For Government Job 2022 Based Quiz – Set 16 ~ Free Job Alert 2022

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Static GK For Government Job 2022 Based Quiz – Set 16

Static GK For Government Job 2022 Based Quiz – Set 16

Static GK Quiz: Static GK is an important part of Current Affairs Section of Banking and Insurance Exam. You can refer our Static GK PDF and Study material for studying the Static GK Part and then attempt our Static GK Quiz. Your GK Knowledge will fetch you better marks in exams like IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, RRB Clerk and PO.

  1. “Kalinga Award” is given for contribution in which field?

    A) Public Service

    B) Science

    C) Sports

    D) Literature

    Option B

    Explanation: Science

  2. When is the “National Consumer Rights Day” observed ?

    A) ‎February 2

    B) ‎January 5

    C) January 25

    D) December 24

    Option D

    Explanation: National Consumer Rights Day (Bharatiya Grahak Diwas) is observed on 24th December to spread awareness about the rights and responsibilities of every consumer.

  3. T-Setu bridge is located in _____________

    A) Odisha

    B) Karnataka

    C) Tamil Nadu

    D) Telangana

    Option A

    Explanation: T-Setu is Odisha’s longest bridge .

  4. Which of these United Nations organization is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan?

    A) United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

    B) United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP)

    C) United Nations University (UNU)

    D) United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

    Option C

    Explanation: United Nations University

  5. Gurudongmar Lake is located in which part of India?

    A) Uttar Pradesh

    B) Punjab

    C) Ladakh

    D) Sikkim

    Option D

    Explanation: Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim is one of the highest lakes in the world and in India.

  6. In which state is the “Gomateshwara Temple” situated ?

    A) Madhya Pradesh

    B) Karnataka

    C) Rajasthan

    D) Kerala

    Option B

    Explanation: Karnataka

  7. Jawara dance is a popular folk dance of which state?

    A) Jharkhand

    B) Gujarat

    C) Madhya Pradesh

    D) Manipur

    Option C

    Explanation: Madhya Pradesh

  8. Which of these National Park is Not located in Tamil Nadu ?

    A) Papikondalu National Park

    B) Guindy National Park

    C) Madumalai National Park

    D) Mukurthi National Park

    Option A

    Explanation: Papikondalu National Park is in Telangana.

  9. “Asian Champions Trophy” is associated with which sports?

    A) Wrestling

    B) Cricket

    C) Hockey

    D) Tennis

    Option C

    Explanation: The Men’s Asian Champions Trophy is an event held annually by the Asian Hockey Federation.

  10. What is the capital and currency of Laos?

    A) Maseru & Euro

    B) Vientiane & Kip

    C) Dakar & Franc

    D) Windhoek & Leu

    Option B

    Explanation: Vientiane is the capital & Kip is the currency of Laos.

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