Static GK Based Quiz – Set 6 ~ Free Job Alert 2022

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Static GK Based Quiz – Set 6

Static GK Based Quiz – Set 6

Static GK Based Quiz – Set 6: Static GK is an important part of Current Affairs Section of Banking and Insurance Exam. You can refer our Static GK PDF and Study material for studying the Static GK Part and then attempt our Static GK Quiz. Your GK Knowledge will fetch you better marks in exams like IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, PO, RRB Clerk and PO.

  1. Zoji-La Pass is situated in __________ .

    A) Himachal Pradesh

    B) Assam

    C) Uttarakhand

    D) Ladakh

    Option D

    Explanation: Ladakh

  2. “India Post Payment Bank” is headquartered in which city ?

    A) Pune

    B) Bengaluru

    C) New Delhi

    D) Mumbai

    Option C

    Explanation: New Delhi 

  3. Where is the “Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium”located ?

    A) Assam

    B) Madhya Pradesh

    C) Telangana

    D) Chhattisgarh

    Option A

    Explanation: Silchar, Assam

  4. “Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy” is awarded in which field?

    A) Social Work

    B) Music

    C) Literature

    D) Sports

    Option D

    Explanation: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy (MAKA Trophy) is awarded annually by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, to the overall top performing University in Sports.

  5. In which part of India is the “Bhojtal lake” located?

    A) Himachal Pradesh

    B) Gujarat

    C) Madhya Pradesh

    D) Rajasthan

    Option C

    Explanation: Bhojtal lake (formerly known as Upper Lake) is the largest artificial lake in Asia situated in Bhopal ,Madhya Pradesh .

  6. Where is the headquarters of the “Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional cooperation” (IORARC) located ?

    A) Metro Manila, Philippines

    B) Ebene, Mauritius

    C) Lyon, France

    D) Montreal, Canada

    Option B

    Explanation: Ebene, Mauritius

  7. Krone is the currency of which of these country ?

    A) Denmark

    B) Ecuador

    C) Armenia

    D) Romania

    Option A

    Explanation: Denmark

  8. “Kanger Ghati National Park”, one of India’s densest National Parks is located in which of these states?

    A) Sikkim

    B) Chhattisgarh

    C) Uttar Pradesh

    D) Karnataka

    Option B

    Explanation: Chhattisgarh

  9. Sanaa is the capital of which country?

    A) Panama

    B) Guinea

    C) Portugal

    D) Yemen

    Option D

    Explanation: Sanaa is the capital of Yemen.

  10. “Buxa Tiger Reserve” is situated in which Indian state ?

    A) Jharkhand

    B) Bihar

    C) West Bengal

    D) Rajasthan

    Option C

    Explanation: Buxa, West Bengal 

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