State of the Economy Report by RBI

28 April 2021 Current Affairs:The Reserve Bank of India these days launched the State of Economy Report for April 2021.

Key Findings of the Report:
♦ The resurgence of COVID-19 may convey back inflationary pressures. Also, the restrictions and disruptions in supply chains may add up to the inflationary pressures.
♦ Under the G-Sec Acquisition Programme, RBI goals to purchase 1 trillion well worth of bonds from the secondary market in the June quarter.
♦ Solutions to take care of the issue: The Reserve Bank of India has supplied the following options in its State of Economy Report to handle the COVID-19 disaster in the country:
♦ Pandemic protocols: To ramp up a sanatorium and ancillary capacity, Speedier Vaccination, To continue to be centred on publishing pandemic future of strong and sustainable boom with economic stability
♦ Current Pace of Vaccination in India: According to the report, India has set a vaccination goal of 300 million with the aid of August 2021. This will require 3.5 million photographs per day. It is 13% greater than the present-day pace noted. However, RBI expects that the vaccination pace will increase due to the improvised and accelerated Vaccination phase in the country.

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