Somalian PM Mohamed Hussein Roble Suspended

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29 December 2021 Current Affairs:Mohamed Hussein Roble, Somalia’s prime minister, has been suspended. 


  • The Prime Minister has been suspended by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, who is accused of involvement in land theft. 
  • Mohamed Roble accused the President of attempting a coup and declared that he would stay in office. 
  • He urged the security forces to follow his orders instead of Mr. Farmajo’s. Farmajo’s term officially ended in February, but it was extended due to disagreements over how to elect a new president.
  • Since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Siad Barre in 1991, Somalia has lacked an effective central government.
  • Disputes between rival politicians and clans plague the country. It is also fighting an al-Qaeda-affiliated insurgency known as al-Shabab.
  • Somalia’s capital is Mogadishu, and the Somali shilling is the country’s currency.

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