Social Security for Gig Economy Workers

03 February 2021 Current Affairs:

When introducing the “2021 Union Budget”, the Minister of Finance announced that the government has proposed a plan to launch a portal to develop a social security plan for workers in the gig economy in India.

♦ The framework of the plan will be developed by collecting relevant information about the population of gig and migrant workers.
♦ The announcement was made before the implementation of labor laws.
♦ The social security program for gig workers will help improve the compliance of on-demand companies such as e-commerce and ride-hailing companies.
♦ The proposed plan may initiate the expansion of the human resources management department for blue-collar workers.
♦ This is the first time in the world that social security benefits have been extended to performance and platform staff.
♦ According to the plan, the minimum wage will apply to all categories of workers.
♦ Workers will also be protected by the employees’ national insurance company.

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