Smokeless Cremation System Developed

15 May 2021 Current Affairs:The Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, has produced a prototype of a moveable electric cremation device that claims to be the world’s first smokeless cremation system despite the use of wood.

♦ It uses half of the wood required for cremation.
♦ Because of the use of combustion air system technology, it is very environmentally friendly.
♦ It is based on the wick furnace technology, in which the wick will turn yellow when lighted.
♦ With the aid of a combustion air system mounted over the wicks, this is transformed into a smokeless blue flame.
♦ The incinerator or cremation device heats up to 1044 degrees Celsius, ensuring full sterilisation.
♦ Given the current pandemic situation, if this scheme is implemented, it might be possible to provide respectable cremation to those who cannot bear the financial burden of arranging wood.

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