Shramik Mitra Scheme Launched By Delhi Government

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12 November 2021 Current Affairs:For construction employees, the Delhi government introduced the ‘Shramik Mitra’ scheme. 

♦ Under the programme, 800 ‘Shramik Mitras’ will reach out to construction workers and educate them about government programmes.
♦ The Delhi government has also enhanced the Dearness Allowance for unskilled and semi-skilled workers, resulting in a 1 per cent boost in their pay. 
♦ Shramik Mitras will tell construction workers who have been registered with the Construction Board at the ward level about government support programmes.

Shramik Mitra scheme:
♦ The Shramik Mitra plan is a Delhi government initiative that aims to ensure that all government schemes benefit construction workers in the city. 
♦ Approximately 800 Shramik Mitras would be hired by the government and trained to walk door-to-door of all construction employees in the national capital to inform them of various government programmes in the workers’ interest. 
♦ These Shramik Mitras will serve as coordinators at the district, ward, and Vidhan Sabha levels.


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