Scheme For Good Samaritans By Road Transport Ministry

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06 October 2021 Current Affairs:A scheme For Good Samaritans By Road Transport Ministry was launched on 4 October.

♦ The scheme is going to be effective from 15 October and ends in 2026 on 31, March.
♦ Under the scheme, a cash award of Rs 5,000 is going to be provided per accident, to those saving the life of an accident victim by taking the person to the hospital within the ‘golden hour’.
♦ The cash award is going to be provided to motivate the overall public to assist the road accident victims in an emergency.
♦ The cash award also will be among a certification of appreciation.
♦ Besides awards, the ministry would give 10 national-level awards for the “worthiest Good Samaritans”.
♦ Worthy Good Samaritans are going to be selected from those that are awarded during the whole year and they will be given a gift of Rs 1,00,000 each.
♦ MoRTH will give Rs 5 lakh of initial grant to the transport department of states and UTs for awarding the cash prize.
♦ As per the amendment, if a good Samaritan informs about the incident the police first, then the police will provide an acknowledgment on the official letter pad, after verifying details from the doctor.
♦ Individual good Samaritans are going to be awarded a maximum of 5 times a year.

What is golden hour?
‘Golden hour’ is that the 1 hour after a traumatic injury. During this period, there are the best possibilities of preventing death by providing prompt medical aid.

Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019
Rules had been changed under Section 134A of the automobile Amendment Act 2019, on September 29, 2020, by the ministry.

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