Same-Sex Marriage Legalized In Switzerland

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28 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Voting polls in Switzerland declared the legalization of Same-Sex Marriage On 26 September 2021. 

♦ Law was approved through a vote, in which polls predicted extensive approval for same-sex marriage in the country.
♦ The bill change was accepted by 64.1 per cent of voters. It also received strong support in urban and rural areas.
♦ Apart from same-sex marriage, the government also approved an amendment to Switzerland’s marriage law, which was also put to voters in a referendum.
♦ This Law also grants lesbian couples admittance to sperm banks and allows same-sex couples to adopt children.
♦ Under the Law, same-sex couples can have a civil wedding. They will be given the same institutional and legal rights as heterosexual couples.
♦ They will be granted simplified naturalization for foreign partners.

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