Salute Doctors Launched by ICICI Bank

03 July 2021 Current Affairs:ICICI Bank has established the most comprehensive banking solutions of India for doctors. It is titled ‘Salute Doctors’, the answer gives customized banking as nicely as value-added offerings for every doctor, commencing from a medical student to a senior medical advisor to a proprietor of a medical institution or a clinic.

♦ The solutions are on the whole digital and instant, designed to cater to the professional, business, lifestyle and wealth banking necessities of medical practitioner and their families. 
♦ The initiative is powered through ICICI STACK, a digital banking platform with nearly 500 offerings that helps customers of the Bank to avail the offerings digitally and seamlessly. ‘Salute Doctors’ presents medical practitioners with an array of revolutionary services.
♦ One, a vary of premium financial savings and contemporary accounts for personal and enterprise banking.
♦ Two, a particularly curated suite of loans for home, auto, personal, education, scientific equipment, setting up sanatorium or clinic and business.
♦ Three, industry-first value-added services, which are provided in association with partners, to help docs fulfil their lifestyle needs, manipulate clinic/hospital higher and digitally, get updates on present-day medical developments, take care of accounting needs, enlarge and procure medical supplies.

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