SAKSHAM Portal Launched by TIFAC

13 February 2021 Current Affairs:

The Technical Information, Forecasting and Assessment Committee (TIFAC) has launched a job portal called SAKSHAM to map workers’ skills in accordance with MSME requirements. It also initiated a seaweed cultivation mission.

♦ TIFAC emphasized that the Saksham portal will help eliminate middlemen and labour contractors. This will also help determine the skill level.
♦ The portal will also help develop skill cards for “Shramiks” (workers). The plan will facilitate the placement of 1 million blue-collar jobs across India.
♦ The portal will directly connect workers with small and medium enterprises without the need for middlemen or labour contractors. The portal will also reduce the difficulty of workers finding jobs in nearby MSMEs.
♦ The portal is significant because it can help workers find jobs that are forced to return to their hometowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.
♦ The Technical Information, Forecasting and Evaluation Committee (TIFAC) is an autonomous organization. It was established in 1988. Under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The organization works in the technical field and evaluates the technological trajectory. It strives to develop technology by using technological innovation.

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