Russias Hypersonic Missile Test-Fired

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05 October 2021 Current Affairs:Highlights:

♦ The Zircon Hypersonic Missile was test-fired from Severodvinsk submarine, and it hit a target in the Barents Sea.
♦ This was the first time Zircon missile was launched from a submarine as it was previously test-fired from a navy frigate.
♦ The missile would be in commission for the Russian navy in 2022.
♦ Zircon missile has been developed for Russian arm cruisers, frigates and submarines.
♦ The 3M22 Zircon or 3M22 Tsirkon missile is a scramjet-powered, anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile. The missile is being examined by Russia.
♦ Zircon Missile can fly at nine times the speed of sound. It has a range of 1000 kilometres.  
♦ The missile is considered to be a manoeuvring, winged hypersonic cruise missile.

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