Russia Delivers S-400 Missile Systems To India

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16 November 2021 Current Affairs:Russia has begun delivering the S-400 missile system to India in order to improve the country’s air defence capabilities.

♦ In 2021, Russia began deliveries for deployment on schedule.
♦ In 2018, India paid $5 billion for this system.
♦ The contract between India and Russia got problematic as the US threatened to impose penalties on countries that do business with Russia in the defence sector.
♦ India purchased five S-400 systems in 2018 and paid the first $800 million instalment in 2019.
♦ The S-400 is widely regarded as the world’s most sophisticated air-defense system. 
♦ The missile can defend itself against missiles, rockets, cruise missiles, and aeroplanes from within its air defence bubble.

S-400 Triumf:
♦ The S-400 Triumf is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system that is transportable. In the 1990s, Almaz Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering created it as an update to the S-300 series. 
♦ On August 6, 2007, the first battalion of the newest surface-to-air missile systems reported for service. In 2014, China became the first international customer of the missile. 
♦ Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Belarus, and India have all purchased or showed interest in the system since then.
♦ The 30K6E administrative system organises S-400 missile systems. It has a range of 400 kilometres.


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