RT-LAMP Technology Was Used to Create SPOT, A New COVID-19 Saliva Test

20 May 2021 Current Affairs:SPOT is a new COVID-19 Saliva Testing method developed by US scientists. SPOT is an acronym for Scalable and Portable Testing.

About SPOT:
♦ A research team from the Carle Illinois College of Medicine invented SPOT 
♦ In thirty minutes, the SPOT provides COVID-19 test results. The cost of the equipment is $78.
♦ In addition, the cost of these reagents and other test equipment is estimated to be 6 to 7 dollars.
♦ Anyone with a minimal amount of training can use the equipment.
♦ The test is very similar to RT-PCR.  However, Reverse Transcriptase Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification is used (RT-LAMP).
♦ However, it does not require complex machinery or expertise. It can be done quickly and more accurately.

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