Reason for New Viruses New Waves

24 June 2021 Current Affairs:The Member for Health of NITI Aayog has explained why new waves occur.

There are four factors that contribute to the formation of a new wave:
1.    The virus’s behaviour: The virus has the potential and capability to spread.
2.    Susceptible host: The virus continues to look for susceptible hosts in order to   survive. So, if we are not protected, either through vaccination or previous infection, we are vulnerable.
3.    Transmissibility: The virus can become intelligent enough to mutate and become more transmissible. The same virus that previously infected three hosts can now infect 13. This variable is unpredictability. No one can plan ahead of time to combat such mutations. The change in the virus’s nature and transmissibility is an X factor that no one can predict when or where it will occur.
4.    Opportunity: ‘Opportunities’ that we provide for the virus to infect. If we eat together, crowd, or sit in confined spaces without masks, the virus has more chances to spread.
The member stated that even if the behavior and transmission capacity of the virus are not in our hands, it cannot be controlled, but the other two factors, susceptibility and chance of infection, are under our control.

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