Ratha Saptami Festival to be on 19th February

08 February 2021 Current Affairs:

This year’s Ratha Saptami Music Festival will be celebrated on February 19, 2021.

Ratha Saptami is an annual Hindu festival dedicated to the sun god Surya. It consists of two words-“Ratha” means chariot and “Saptami” means seventh. On this day, a one-day Brahma was held in Tirumala (Andhra Pradesh). Ratha Saptami is also called Surya Jayanti because it marks the birth of Surya and is called Magha Saptami because it belongs to the seventh day (Saptami) of the Hindu month Magha. Ratha Saptami also marks the change from spring to spring and the beginning of the harvest season.

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