Pulayar Community and Anamalai Tiger Reserve

08 May 2021 Current Affairs:Inside the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, two Pulayar tribal settlements (Kattupatti and Kuzhipatti) are preparing for their annual festival of local deity Vairapattan.

About Pulayar Community:
♦ The Pulayar, also known as Pulaya, Holeya, or Cheramar, are a major ethnic community in Kerala, Karnataka, and historical Tamil Nadu (Tamilakam).
♦ In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, they are classified as a Scheduled Caste.
♦ Pulayas are known for their music, craftsmanship, and specific dances such as,
♦ Kōlam-thullal, a mask dance that is used in exorcism rituals, and 
♦ Mudi-āttam , or hair dance that originated in a fertility ritual.
♦ Pulaya King was the name given to Mahatma Ayyankali. 
Anamalai Tiger Reserve:
♦ It is one of Tamil Nadu’s four Tiger Reserves. 
♦ It is located in the Southern Western Ghats and is part of the Anamalai Parambikulam Elephant Reserve, which was established in 2003.
♦ It is bordered on the east by Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, on the south west by Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, and  Eravikulam National Park (all belong to Kerala).
♦ The reserve is also surrounded by Kerala’s reserved forests of Nenmara, Vazhachal, Malayattur, and Marayur. 
♦ Amaravathi, Udumalpet, Pollachi, Ulandy, Valparai, and Manamboli are among the ranges found in this reserve.

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