Psyche Mission – Highlights

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06 October 2021 Current Affairs:
NASA is all set on Pshye Mission to visit the enormous asteroid known as Psyche, considered frozen remains of the molten core of an ancient world.

♦ Psyche is an asteroid orbiting in the central asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, made of metal according to Earth-based radar and optical telescopes.
♦ The asteroid might have an iron-rich interior from any planetary block that got chipped of by constant collisions in the belt.
♦ The asteroid is 280 Kms wide at its widest point
♦ The Psyche Mission is set to launch in August 2022, which will orbit around the asteroid for 2 years and map the surface. It will also look for ancient magnetic fields, neutrons and gamma rays on the surface.
♦ This is the first mission to explore an asteroid with a surface covering substantial amounts of metal rather than rock or ice. It provides the first-hand opportunity to examine the interiors of a rocky planet.

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