PRASHAD Scheme in Varanasi

17 July 2021 Current Affairs:In Varanasi, the Prime Minister launched PRASHAD projects.

About PRASHAD Scheme:
♦ PRASHAD is an acronym that stands for “National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive.”
♦ This is a central sector scheme fully funded by the Government of India and established by the Tourism Ministry in 2014-15.
♦ Its goal is to integrate the development of identified pilgrimage and heritage sites.
♦ This scheme aims to develop infrastructure such as entry points (rail, road, and water transport), last mile connectivity, basic tourism facilities such as information/interpretation centres, ATM/Money exchange, eco-friendly modes of transport, area lighting and illumination with renewable sources of energy,, drinking water,  parking, toilets, waiting rooms, cloakrooms, first aid centres, craft bazaars/haats/souvenir shops/caféteria, rain shelters, telecom facilities, internet connectivity, and so on.

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