Portal Gobardhan Scheme Was Launched

05 February 2021 Current Affairs:

Union ministers jointly launched the Gobardhan Unified Portal to promote the Gobardhan scheme and track real-time progress.

Gobardhan Scheme:
♦ The Ministry of Jal Shakti initiated the Gobardhan Scheme (Galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro Resources – DHAN).
♦ It is being implemented as part of the Swachch Bharat Mission (Gramin).
♦ The scheme aims to manage cattle and biodegradable waste, and also helps increase farmers’ incomes.
♦ The focus of the GOBAR-DHAN scheme is to keep the villages clean, increase the income of rural households, and the generation of energy from cow dung, which is an important part of the ODF-plus strategy of the Swachch Bharat mission.
♦ The scheme aims to support villages to effectively manage their livestock and biodegradable waste.
♦ Gobardhan scheme to start in early 2018 to manage the widespread biological waste problem in villages, including cow dung, and convert it into biogas and organic fertilizer to improve the lives of villagers by providing economic and resource benefits to farmers and families.
♦ The newly launched portal will ensure close coordination with stakeholder Departments/Ministries for the smooth implementation of Biogas schemes/initiatives and their real-time tracking.

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