PM to Hold Governing Council Meeting of NITI Aayog

19 February 2021 Current Affairs:Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair the NITI Aayog Council meeting on February 20, 2021.

♦ During this meeting, problems related to agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure and human resource development will be discussed. This will be the 6th meeting of the Council.
♦ The newly added UT Ladakh will attend the meeting for the first time. Jammu and Kashmir will also participate as joint territories this year. Other Union territories led by the administrator will also join the conference.
♦ Ex-officio members of the council will also attend the meeting; the vice-chairman and union minister. The member and CEO of NITI Aayog and other senior officials of the Indian government will also attend the meeting.
♦ Niti Aayog is India’s policy think tank, established in 2015 by replacing the planning committee. The institution was established to achieve sustainable development goals through cooperative federalism. Some of Aayog’s initiatives include: “15-year roadmap”, AMRUT, “7-year vision, strategy and action plan”, Atal innovation mission, Indian digitization, medical education reform, agricultural reform, and a series of lectures on Indian transformation. 
♦ Member of NITI Aayog: The prime minister is the chairman of Aayog. It also consists of a council, which includes the chief ministers of all states and union territories and the deputy governors of the legislature and union territories. ♦ However, Delhi and Puducherry are not included. It also has a regional committee composed of the head of state and the governors of federal municipalities.
♦ The Governing Council is the highest body of NITI Aayog. The council is composed of all chief ministers, deputy governors of federal territories, other trade union ministers and senior government officials. The council meets regularly. The first meeting of the council was held on February 8, 2015.

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