Passport With X Gender Mark Issued By US

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29 October 2021 Current Affairs:The United States Issued the first passport with a gender mark “X” , recognising rights ,who are not identified as male or female.

♦ This action was taken after the debate of Dana Zzyym, an intersex activist from Fort Collins.
♦ Zzyym has been battling legally with the US State Department since 2015 to get a passport that did not require Zzyym to lie about gender by selecting either male or female.
♦ Zzyym was born with vague physical, sexual characteristics but was raised as a boy. 
♦ Zzyym endured several surgeries that failed to make Zzyym look male. 
♦ In the Navy, Zzyym served as a male but later came to identify as intersex while studying and working at Colorado State University. 
♦ US state administration denial of Zzyym’s passport held Zzyym from visiting two Organization Intersex International meetings.
♦ In the United States, ‘Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights’ have evolved significantly with time. 
♦ By 2003, the USA had invalidated all the remaining laws against same-sex sexual activity. 
♦ By 2015,  all 50 states in the USA won the right to same-sex marriage.

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