Parker Solar Probe – NASA

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:NASA’s Parker Solar Probe detected a natural radio signal, indicating that the spacecraft had passed through the planet’s upper atmosphere. In nearly 30 years, this was the first direct measurement of Venus’s atmosphere.

♦ The historic Parker Solar Probe mission from NASA will transform our perception of the sun, where changing conditions will spread across the solar system, impacting Earth and other worlds.
♦ The Parker Solar Probe would fly through the sun’s atmosphere, getting closer to the surface than any spacecraft before it, enduring extreme heat and radiation, and supplying mankind with the closest-ever observations of a star.
♦ Parker Solar Probe has three distinct scientific goals:
♦ Follow the energy flow that heats and speeds up the solar wind and solar corona.
♦ Investigate the structure and dynamics of plasma and magnetic fields at solar wind sources.
♦ Explore how energetic particles are accelerated and transported.

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