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PANEX-21 will be a Humanitarian Assistance and disaster relief exercise for the BIMSTEC countries.


It is a multinational disaster relief exercise, which will happen among the BIMSTEC countries: Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand.
The main plan of the exercise is to build regional participation in countering natural disasters.
It will be administered in Pune from December 20 to December 22.
The associates of the exercise will be split into eight committees. One committee from the participating countries and two from India.
It will examine the skills of member states in countering natural disasters, and countries will share their best practices.
The exercise will evaluate the methods of preparedness and response and will suggest the development of the organized structure.
The countries will address the military–to–military cooperation protocol during the exercise.


Over the years, the several Bay of Bengal cyclones are becoming more disastrous due to climate change. 
The increase in surface sea temperature is causing cyclones to be more potent and increases the wind speeds of the cyclones. 
The destruction caused by Cyclone Amphan was 13 billion USD.
The unplanned growth in Ecological Sensitive Zones declines to address the dangers postured by the increasingly intense cyclones.
For these reasons, it is necessary to remain prepared and thus need international cooperation among coastal countries.

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