Open Data Week Launched Ministry Of Housing And Urban Affairs

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs initiated Open Data Week, which takes place between 17- 21 January. 


It encourages the promotion of innovation in the country’s urban ecosystem. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs would publicize high-quality blogs and data sets about intelligent cities throughout the week. 
The data will be made available through an open data portal. And over sixty cities have already had success stories published on the portal.
This is undergoing testing and is only accessible to experts. 
The Open Data Week will demonstrate the advantages of open data, such as innovation, transparency, and efficiency, as the week has been divided into sections. 
The ministry will publish APIs, dataset visualization, and data blogs to the smart city open data portal during the first segment. 
This is to be completed between the 17th and 20th of January. Data Day will be observed during the second phase.
It enhances policy strategies and assists the government in developing new plans. One city can benefit from the experiences of another. 
It allows for increased public accountability. It provides more insight into the development of ongoing programs.

Data Day

The Open Data Week celebration includes the Data Day celebration. It will be observed on January 21, 2022. 
Seminars, talks, hackathons, and training on various data tracks will be part of the Data Day celebrations.
The week’s primary goal is to raise awareness of the importance of data in today’s digital world. 
It will build a platform for creating opportunities for data use.
The event will raise data awareness. 
It will generate new data combinations, resulting in new expertise and information.

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