One Sun, One World, One Grid Initiative Launched By PM

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08 November 2021 Current Affairs:At the COP 26 Climate Meeting in Glasgow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and  Boris Johnson jointly inaugurated the ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ (OSOWOG) initiative. 

♦ The goal of this project is to create a “trans-national electrical grid” that will supply solar energy to people all over the world.
♦ ‘The Sun Never Sets,’ is OSOWOG’s vision. At any one time, it is a constant in some geographical region in the world. 
♦ This is India’s most ambitious project to date, and it has huge economic implications. It has been taken up as part of the World Bank’s technical support program. 
♦ The International Solar Alliance will also be used in this strategy (ISA).
♦ On the occasion, he also stated that India’s space agency, ISRO, will soon make a calculator available to the rest of the globe that can assess any region’s solar energy potential.
♦ To address the difficulty of solar electricity, the ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ (OSOWOG) system will be implemented.
♦ In one hour, the Earth’s atmosphere gets enough sunlight to power the electricity needs of every person on the planet for a year.
♦ Solar energy, on the other hand, is only available during the day. Another issue is that it is highly reliant on the weather.

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