One-Month Exercise in Thar Desert

16 February 2021 Current Affairs:

The Pakistan Army held a one-month exercise code-named ‘Jidar-ul-Hadeed’ in the Thar Desert. The purpose is to prepare for conflict in the extreme desert environment.
The multinational naval exercise Aman-2021 hosted by Pakistan has also begun in the Arabian Sea. 45 countries including the USA, Russia, China and Turkey will participate in the exercise.

Key Facts:
♦ Part of the Thar Desert is located in Rajasthan State, northwestern India, and the other part is located in Punjab and Sindh provinces, eastern Pakistan.
♦ The Thar Desert is an arid region covering more than 2 million square kilometers. It forms a natural boundary along the border between India and Pakistan.
♦ The Thar Desert is bordered by the Irrigated Indus Plain in the west, the Punjab Plain in the north and northeast, the Aravalli Range in the southeast, and Rann of Kachchh in the south.
♦ The subtropical desert climate there is due to continuous high pressure and subsidence at this latitude.
♦ In summer, the prevailing southwest monsoon winds brings rain to most of the subcontinent, often bypassing the Thar in the east.
♦ There are several playas (saline lake beds) known locally as dhands, are scattered throughout the region
♦ The region mainly produces herbaceous plants such as cactus, neem, khejri, acacia nilotica. All these plants can adapt to high or low temperature and harsh weather conditions.

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