Oil & Gas Projects In Tamil Nadu

18 February 2021 Current Affairs:The Prime Minister of India laid the foundation for key projects in the oil and gas sector in Tamil Nadu on February 17, 2021.

♦ The Ramanathapuram-Thoothukudi natural gas pipeline will be inaugurated.
♦ This pipeline is part of the Ennore- Thiruvallur- Bengaluru- Puducherry- Nagapattinam- Madurai- Tuticorin Natural Gas Pipeline.
♦ Benefits: It will help to utilize natural gas from the ONGC Gas field and deliver natural gas as a raw material to industrial and other commercial customers.
♦ The Gasoline Desulfurization Unit will be established at Chennai Petroleum Co., Ltd. in Manali.
vIt will produce low-sulfur (less than 8 ppm) environmentally friendly gasoline, which will help reduce emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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