Not-for-Profit Hospital Model in India

01 July 2021 Current Affairs:A report on India’s non-profit hospital model was published by the NITI Aayog.

♦ The NITI Aayog released a report on the not-for-profit hospital model in an effort to close the information gap on such institutions and facilitate robust policymaking in this area.
♦ The study provides insights into the operating model of non-profit hospitals. It presents research-based findings on such hospitals—categorized by ownership and service premise—and then compares them to private hospitals and Union government health schemes.
♦ The not-for-profit hospital sector provides both curative and preventive care.
♦ It connects healthcare, social reform, community engagement, and education.
♦ It uses government resources and grants to provide low-cost healthcare to people without regard for profit.
♦ The study discussed in detail the cost control strategies implemented by non-profit hospitals. 

The following are some of the report’s proposed interventions:
♦ Creating criteria for identifying these hospitals
♦ Sorting them according to a performance index
♦ Encouraging top hospitals to practice philanthropy
♦ Making use of these hospitals’ expertise in managing human resources in remote areas with limited financial resources.

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