New Jupiter-like Exoplanet Discovered

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21 January 2022 Current Affairs:A group of scientists recently discovered a new planet, the size of Jupiter, 379 light-years away and 105 times denser than the earth. The planet is named TOI-2180 b.


  • The planet takes 261 days to orbit its star. The temperature on the surface is 76 degrees Celsius. 
  • It is denser than that of the earth, but it is also denser than Jupiter. Helium and hydrogen make up the planet. 
  • There are rings and moons on the planet. In 24 hours, it fades by half a percent.
  • The identified planet is a gas giant exoplanet. Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are the gas giants of our solar system.
  •  Because of their highly volatile components, Uranus and Neptune are now classified as ice giants. 
  • Hydrogen and helium make up the gas giant planets, so there is no solid substance in the gas giants, full of gaseous swirls.


  • With the help of a NASA telescope, Tom Jacobs discovered the exoplanet. Tom also used TESS to discover the planet. 
  • The TESS (Transitioning Exoplanet Survey Satellite) is a satellite that is transitioning from one mission to another. It’s part of NASA’s Explorer program.
  • It takes 261 days for the new planet to orbit its star. Exoplanets don’t generally have such a long duration of revolution. 
  • In addition, the revolution period is shortened due to its length. Jupiter is three times the size of this planet. 
  • Jupiter completes one trip around the sun in twelve Earth years! Saturn’s revolution takes 29 Earth years to complete. 
  • In addition, the new planet is hotter than our solar system’s outer planets. It is, nevertheless, unusually calm compared to other exoplanets identified thus far.

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