New Doppler Radars in Maharashtra

26 June 2021 Current Affairs:In 2021, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) plans to install seven new doppler radars in Maharashtra, including Mumbai.
The Ministry of Earth Sciences commissioned two of ten indigenously built X-Band Doppler Weather Radars (DWR) in January 2021 to closely monitor weather changes over the Himalayas.

About Doppler Radar:
♦ It is a type of radar that uses the Doppler effect to generate velocity data about distant objects.
♦ Doppler effect: A change in frequency is observed by the observer when the source and the signal are in relative motion to each other.
♦ As they get closer, the frequency increases, and vice versa.
♦ The radar is based on the Doppler principle and aims to improve the accuracy of long-range weather forecasting and surveillance using a parabolic antenna and a foam sandwich spherical radome. 
♦ The DWR has the capability of measuring rainfall intensity, wind shear, and velocity, as well as locating a storm centre and the direction of a tornado or gust front.

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